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Growth Marketing is Different

Act with Edge was founded to help B2B technology businesses accelerate growth. Founders often spend a year or more identifying a problem and developing technology to solve it. This is known as the problem-solution fit stage of product development. However, once their first few customers have embraced the solution, the company then needs to take it to the broader market and do it fast. If they are slow, competitors will see the solution works, replicate it, and create competition for the hearts, minds and dollars of the early market adopters.

Product-Market Fit

This product-market fit stage requires entrepreneurs to take the new idea to the broader market quickly, create awareness, explain it in terms that people can easily understand and motivate adoption that leads to the early customer base. Many companies never make it past those first few customers, fail to cross the chasm to the large mainstream markets and too often see competitors pick up market share and product leadership. Act with Edge was designed to address this challenge. It requires creativity and a fundamental understanding of business strategy and the technology adoption lifecycle combined with marketing techniques that deliver measurable results.

Turning Ideas into Results

So, how do we do it? Why are Act with Edge clients recognized for having clear positioning, favorable recognition among their target customer base, the best marketing in their industry segment and customer growth that outpaces competitors and expectations? We understand the fundamental drivers of technology adoption, buyer psychology and what makes winners in technology markets. We also understand the fundamental mechanics of delivering successful, sustained marketing initiatives. Our programs and tools are designed to win the mindshare battle, drive tangible market share growth and create clear evidence of momentum that is so critical in making technology companies appear to be the inevitable winners. As markets evolve we anticipate the expected shift in dominant buying criteria and proactively adjust the marketing focus to continue the growth trajectory. Did you know that was something you needed from your marketing?

Bringing the Right Prospects to You

From a functional standpoint, we establish brand identity, a premium position in for our clients in their segments, and establish marketplace momentum. Content marketing, inbound and outbound digital marketing programs leverage incisive positioning and messaging deliver leads, conversions and higher yields from the sales funnel. We help companies transition to driving the majority of the revenue from inbound leads while making sales teams more efficient and effective.

Action with Purpose

We live and breathe B2B growth marketing for early stage technology start-ups. Great products deserve to become the foundation of great companies. We provide the marketing direction and deliver the day-to-day execution required to make that happen. To succeed you first must act and those actions must be distinct in order to overcome the resistance from the status quo. That is the edge we provide to our clients. To learn more, fill out the form on the right.