The Top 5 Act with Edge Blog Posts of 2016

Published by Ava Mutchler on

Below are the top 5 blog posts of 2016, curated by us for our Act with Edge readers. They cover some of the topics we know best: building audiences, shaping buyer opinions and generating leads. We’ve also included two articles from Act with Edge CEO Bret Kinsella that were featured by prominent tech media outlets the Huffington Post and VentureBeat.

1. Act with Edge in Huffington Post: Are You Ready for the Voice Web? Get to Know Alexa.

The Huffington Post featured an article by Act with Edge CEO Bret act-with-edge-alexa-growth-huffington-post-1Kinsella this year on how brands need to start building a voice presence and sound palette to take advantage of the rapidly expanding voice web. The place to start is with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service. Read the full article here.

2. The 4 Motivations Behind B2B Purchases – Part 1 and Part 2

four-motivations-b2b-purchasesBuyer motivation is typically seen as a mystery or is incorrectly attributed in B2B technology purchases. But no matter the deal size, all B2B purchase decisions are driven by just four categories of buyer motivation: Fears, Peers, Pains, or Gains. These can then be segmented into motivation categories of logic and emotion. Read more here: Part 1 and Part 2.

3. How to Market to the 5 Stages of the Buyer Journey

There are thousands of sales processes and approaches, but nearly every one can be aligned directly to a five-stage buyer journey model that includes the Aware, Interested, Involved, Convinced and Committed. Keep in mind that this is the buyer’s state. Marketers can influence how the buyer feels about these states but they have their own perspective. Learn more about the five stages of the buyer journey and how to influence buyer thinking here.

4. Act with Edge in VentureBeat – Google Home Paves the Way for More B2B and B2C Adoption

A shortened version of this article by Act with Edge CEO Bret Kinsella was recently featured in VentureBeat. The article discusses how the AI and voice assistant markets are becoming so large that we need to start thinking about segmenting the leading companies in terms of their primary target customers. Click here to read more.

5. How to Build an Audience – Part 1

To build an audience, one must start with the Who and the Why. These first two steps are about knowing the audience you want to build. Too often marketers start producing content without thoughtfully considering their target audience and objectives. Answer the Who and Why questions first to make sure you are heading in the right direction. Click here to learn more.